Columbia Engineering Boot Camps

Columbia Engineering Boot Camps aim to further the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science’s mission to expand knowledge and advance technology through research, while educating learners to become leaders informed by an engineering foundation.

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Columbia Engineering Boot Camps prepare learners for the fields of web development, data analytics, cybersecurity, digital marketing, and UX/UI through a virtual, hands-on classroom environment.

We empower talented instructors and teaching assistants to teach the most in-demand skills and a dedicated support team to provide participants with extensive support along the way.

Coding | Data | Cyber | Digi Mktg | UX/UIArtificial Intelligence

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Challenging Curricula

We employ skillful instructors with at least three years of industry experience. To keep our curricula competitive, we routinely apply participant feedback and market research to our Boot Camp. Explore the codingdata analyticscybersecuritydigital marketing, and UX/UI curricula.

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Classroom Environment

Learning a new skill is a rigorous pursuit. That’s why we provide a hands-on classroom environment. With a low learner-instructor ratio, we are able to give participants the support they need to succeed. Read about the classroom experience.

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Hands-On Experience

Learners engage in real-world activities and work together on in-class exercises. Throughout the Boot Camp, learners use what they’ve learned on projects that will build up their portfolio or learn a variety skills to demonstrate their knowledge.

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Comprehensive Support

From day one, our team puts the participants first. With a helpful admissions team, passionate instructors, and dedicated learner success and career services teams, individuals could not be in better hands. Explore learner support.

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